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Torre Bissara / Tower Square
Piazza dei Signori

Vicenza, Italy

1174Andrea Palladio  1508-1580
Original owners:
Bissari family
UNESCO World Heritage Site: "City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto"
The earliest records date back to 1174 when the tower was built at the behest of the family Bissari, next to their house.

Between 1211 and 1229 the municipality of Vicenza bought both the building (with the intention to make it the seat of the mayor ) and the tower.

Escaped the terrible earthquake of January 25, 1348, was raised in the mid- fifteenth century, reaching its present height. Inside they were placed relics of saints and the five bells.

Many were measures which, over the centuries, followed one another to maintain the stability and beauty of the tower.

At the base it was placed a triumphal arch with the monument to the war dead, topped by a coat of arms and the sculpture of the Madonna crowned, enthroned with child and two saints. A bit higher up is placed the marble bas-relief of the Lion of San Marco. The sides are set commemorative plaques and in a niche there is a headless was Pallas Athena, perhaps from the Roman era."
-Wikipedia: Torre Bissara (online Sept. 2016)

Piazza dei Signori 

The Palladian Basilica is at the right of the Torre Bissara


Copper roof  ... Three cornices supported by  modillions   ...  Three levels corbel tables

Belfry: The clocktower has five bells in the chord of E major.

Top:   Madonna crowned, enthroned with child and two saints  ...  Two details below:

Detail #1  ...  Madonna crowned, enthroned with child and two saints

Detail #2

Photos and their arrangement 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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