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Medical Society Building
Cracow (Krakow), Poland




Wadyslaw Kaczmarski and Josef Sowinski

Interior designer:

Stanislaw Wyspianski

Interior decor style:

Art Nouveau

Also by Stanislaw Wyspianski:

The Franciscan Church, Cracow

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Art Nouveau style Apollo

Apollo - detail

Artist's signature (Stanislaw Wyspianski) in the lower right corner of Apollo

The Solar System (?)

The Solar System - detail

2nd floor

2nd floor

2nd floor
Balustrade decorated with a chestnut leaf pattern

Stanislaw Wyspianski - self portrait

The Medical Society Building (Gmach Towarzystwa Kekarskiego) was designed by Wadyslaw Kaczmarski and Josef Sowinski and built in 1904. It would hardly merit mention if it were not for its interior decor , the creation of Stanislaw Wyspianski, one of the moist talented artists of the Young Poland movement. He was responsible for the interior decoration of individual rooms and furnishings inspired by folk art, as in the magnificent window Apollo and The Solar System.

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