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Church of St. Andrew
Cracow (Krakow), Poland

St. Andrew's Church dates from the 11th century and is the finest example of Romanesque architecture in Kraków. Local residents took refuge within the strong walls of St. Andrew's during the Tartar raids.

St. Andrew's Church was founded in 1079 by Palatine Sieciech. It was built between 1079 -1098. Along the bottom of the larger part of façade are small openings. The openings are defensive windows, unique to a church and part of the defensive character of building. It is one of the oldest buildings in Krakow, and from 1320 it was used by the Order of St. Klara's.

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Street: Ulica Grodzka

Romanesque style... Twin octagonal towers

1639 lantern atop cupola

Rounded windows are typical of the Romanesque style

Romanesque door in wall echoes the window style in the church

White limestone


Loop window



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