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Church of St. Anne, Warsaw, Poland

The church was built in Gothic style in the second half of the 15th century. It was extended between 1518 and 1533.

Destroyed during the Swedish invasion in 1655-60, it was rebuilt in a Baroque style. The side chapels are later additions in Rococo style (some consider Rococo the last stage of Baroque).

The Neoclassical façade, 1788, is a later addition.

The Bernadine monastery cloisters (last two photos below) features Gothic crystalline vaulting from the 16th century.

During W.W.II, most of Warsaw (85%? 95%?) was reduced to rubble, especially by the Nazis before they fled the Russians. St. Anne's was largely spared..

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Neoclassical façade is modeled after Andrea Palladio's designs.

Baroque interior with Rococo chapels

Rococo chapel (In Europe, chapels are usually not separate buildings)

Rococo organ

Rococo chapel

16th century Bernadine monastery cloister Gothic crystalline vaulting

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