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Kizhi Pogost
Kizhi, Russia

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Kizhi is one of the first open-air museums in Russia, open to the public on the island in 1951. It currently contains about 89 wooden constructions as of 2010, the most famous of which is the Kizhi Pogost which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1990.

Pogost: 15th-16th centuries pogosts were small settlements with a church and a graveyard, like Kizhi Pogost.

"The pogost of Kizhi (i.e. the Kizhi enclosure) is located on one of the many islands in Lake Onega, in Karelia. Two 18th-century wooden churches, and an octagonal clock tower, also in wood and built in 1862, can be seen there. These unusual constructions, in which carpenters created a bold visionary architecture, perpetuate an ancient model of parish space and are in harmony with the surrounding landscape." - UNESCO World Heritage Website

The Kizhi Pogost consists of the following:

The Church of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour

The Church of the Intercession

The Bell-Tower


Foreground: Oshevnev House

Many of the trees in Russia are birch trees. The church domes are made from aspen trees.
One of the main differences between the two types of trees are the leaves. Also, birch trees are stronger trees than aspens, and are capable of withstanding drier conditions.

Bell Tower ..... Church of the Transfiguration ..... Church of the Intercession

Church of the Intercession  .....    Church of the Transfiguration

Church of the Transfiguration ..... Bell Tower ..... Church of the Intercession

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