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Interior, Group 2 - Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood
St. Petersburg
, Russia

There is not a single painting in the church.
Its walls are almost entirley covered with 7500 square metres of mosaics - perhaps more than any other church in the world.

Heaven: Dove (Holy Spirit)
Mary, Queen of Heaven flanked by Apostles

Central nave includes Christ Pantocrator  designed by Nikolai Kharlamov.

Christ Pantocrator

Christ is surrounded by a mandorla

Right hand raised in a blessing gesture

Six-winged seraph angel

Center: Cherub angel

Icon of the Mother of God

Pillar mosaic: God the Father, Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, and the Virgin Mary an Annunciation scene without the Archangel Gabriel

God the Father and the  Holy Spirit in the form of a dove are not visible in this photo because of a lighting problem, but see  photos below.

God the Father wih blessing hand gestures

Holy Spirit in the form of a dove

The Virgin Mary

Note upper left: part of the pillar illustrated above.
Note signage.

Resurection of Christ  mosaic  icon

Photos and their arrangement © 2010 Chuck LaChiusa
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