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Mackintosh Queen's Cross
870 Garscube Road, Glasgow, Scotland

Mackintosh Queen's Cross - Official Website
Commissioned in 1896 by the Free Church
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Building material:
Red Locharbriggs stone
Source: U. of Glasgow: "M125 Queen's Cross Church" (online April 2017)
Exterior style: Gothic Revival
Interior style: Arts & Crafts
2017 current use:
Headquarters of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society
 The only church in the world designed by Scottish architect, designer and artist, Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
Additional information:
U. of Glasgow: "M125 Queen's Cross Church" (online April 2017)


Gothic Revival features:    Tower with belfry and parapet   ...   Shallow twin-gabled transept    ...   Three pointed Gothic windows and door with compound arch   ...   Vertical pier buttresses

Louvered belfry   ...   Stringcourse   ...   Upper section at left is a stair turret   ...

"Mackintosh's perspective drawing shows carved figures at the angles of the tower's stair turret and a panel of ornament above the louvered belfry opening. Unworked blocks of stone at these points confirm that decoration was planned but not carried out."- U. of Glasgow: "M125 Queen's Cross Church" (online April 2017)

Shallow twin-gabled transept

Hoodmolds and tracery on shallow twin-gabled transept  leaded windows   ...   Vertical pier buttresses

Segmental arch   ...   Vertical pier buttresses


Gallery at left   ...   Chanel with communion table in center   ...   Stone quoins around the chancel arch 

Blue heart window

Wooden slightly pointed ceiling   ...  Two of four steel tie rods   ...
"At Queen's Cross the riveted steel is exposed, but the drawings approved by the Dean of Guild show the beams clad in timber, as Shaw had done. It is not clear if Mackintosh omitted the timber to save money, or because he preferred the 'honest' look of unadorned structure."- U. of Glasgow: "M125 Queen's Cross Church" (online April 2017)

Communion table

Oak pulpit   ...   Detail below:

"... the oak pulpit, each facet of its curved front carved with bird and leaf (or tree) motifs." - - U. of Glasgow: "M125 Queen's Cross Church" (online April 2017)

Canopied niche originally containing a basin for washing sacred vessels, often found near the altar in a medieval church   ...  
Note Mackintosh-designed chair at left (detailed below:)

Mackintosh-designed chair

Stone quoins flank  the upper windows   ...   Gallery

Leaded glass windows   ...   Gibbs surround

View towards entrance  from altar

Ceiling below organ loft   ...   Detail below:

Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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