Palermo Cathedral - Table of Contents

Interior - Palermo Cathedral/Duomo
AKA: "Santa Maria Assunta" or Saint Mary of the Assumption
Palermo, Sicily

Nothing is left of the interior of the Norman Romanesque cathedral. It is now 18th century Neoclassical and is the work of the Italian architect Ferdinando Fuga who was also responsible for the dome.  It is a typical cross shaped  (cruciform) plan with nave, side aisles with chapels, transepts and chancel.

February 2020 Photos


View towards back of church (where the main entrance is located;  front of the church includes the main altar)

Neoclassical nave and chancel   ...    Latin cross (cruciform) plan

Neoclassical arcade with chapels    ...   Clerestory windows

Clerestory windows

Chancel    ...   Barrel roof with two murals

Chancel    ...    Ceiling mural   ...    Cathedral name is Saint Mary of the Assumption   ...   Detail below:

Chancel    ...    Ceiling mural

Chancel    ...    Lower mural

Crossing and Transept

Crossing dome

Transept coffered barrel roof

Chapel of Saint Rosalia

Chapel of Saint Rosalia, patron of Palermo, behind elaborate bronze gates

The solid silver altar has a 17th century  silver shrine containing the saint's relics.

Chapel Baroque marble altar

Baroque scrolls  ..   Detail below: .

Baroque confessional

Baroque confessional   ...   
Note scroll buttress 

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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