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Frederic Marčs Sculpture at
Passeig de Grącia 51, Barcelona 08007
Frederic Mares Museum Oficial Website

Frederic Mares was a sculptor who was born in Portbou in 1893. When he was ten years old, he and his family arrived in Barcelona. He studied at the School of Fine Arts and the School of Arts and Crafts. He studied abroad and returned to be a teacher at his school until he retired in 1964. He progressed as a sculptor and became very successful, making many sculptures for many cities, including Barcelona. Many of his sculptures adorn many Barcelona monuments.

He started collecting sculpture and many other objects d'art. He donated his collections to the city of Barcelona in 1944, and he lived until 1991. He did not come from a wealthy family, so all of his collections were financed from the sale of his own sculptures.

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Bas-relief, Art Deco style

Sculptor signature


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