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Furniture and small reflecting pool - Barcelona Pavilion
German Pavilion, 1929 Barcelona Exposition, Spain  

Architect: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

The Barcelona chair was designed by Mies for this building.

The frame consists of a welded steel strip, the leather upholstery structured into squares by buttons. The chair is accompanied by a stool and a glass table.

In 1953, the  Knoll Studio
acquired all rights to the chair and the company Knoll still produces the chair with the original materials according to the original procedure.  The original chairs by Knoll Studio have the company logo and signature of Mies van der Rohe engraved in the frame. 

Onyx wall

Amanecer (Dawn) by Georg Kolbe in the smaller reflecting pool

Architectural Digest, October 2018

Photos and their arrangement 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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