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Glory Façade- Sagrada Família
Barcelona, Spain  

Glory Façade

The largest and most striking of the facades will be the Glory Façade, which began construction in 2002. It will be the principal façade and will offer access to the central nave.

Dedicated to the Celestial Glory of Jesus, it represents the road to God: Death, Final Judgment, and Glory, while Hell is left for those who deviate from God’s will.

Aware that he would not live long enough to see this façade completed, Gaudí made only a general sketch of what the façade would look like. He intended for the temple, like many cathedrals and facades throughout history, to be completed not only by other architects, but also to incorporate others architectural and artistic styles.

To reach the Glory Portico, there will be a large staircase, which will create an underground passage beneath Mallorca Street, representing Hell and vice. It will be decorated with demons, idols, false gods, heresy and schisms, etc. Purgatory and death will also be depicted, the latter using tombs along the ground. The portico will have seven large columns dedicated to spiritual gifts. At the base of the columns there will be representations of the Seven Deadly Sins, and at the top, The Seven Virtues.
- Wikipedia   (8/2010)

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Note facing on left, concrete at right

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