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Guggenheim Museum
Bilbao, Spain
(bill BAH oh)
Guggenheim Museum Web site

Architect: Frank Gehry
See also: Fondation Louis Vuitton
Built: 1993-1997
See also: Gehry's Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris
New World Center


North elevation

Arco Rojos and Tower

Interior - Photos not allowed

"Great architects are often blamed for the sins of their imitators, and at the end of the twentieth centyury it was Frank Gehry's turn. 

The great ballyhoo that surrounded his Guggenheim Museum Bilbao spurred an outbreak of dreadful imitations.  Yet Gehry's improvisational Neo-Expressionism could not be mimicked with as much facility as Mies van der Rohe's Minimalism or Venturi and Scott Brown's Pop Mannerism."  -  Martin Filler, "Makers of Modern Architecture: From Frank lloyd Wright to Frank Gehry, " 2007, p. 184

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