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Chapel of the Maccabeans
Cathédral St. Pierre, Geneva, Switzerland

As you leave the Cathédral St. Pierre, Geneva, Switzerland, you will see a small door on the left-hand side, leading to the Maccabean Chapel, built in 1405 as a burial and collegial chapel but turned into a warehouse for salt and gunpowder during the Reformation.

At the end of the 17th century it became an auditorium for philosophy lectures of the Academy (predecessor of Geneva's University).at which time three interior floors were added.

Starting in 1878, the chapel, together with the rest of the cathedral, underwent restoration and gradually received its present-day Neo-Gothic (Gothic Revival) look.

Today, the chapel is used for weddings and other ceremonies.

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Gothic rib vaulting

Gothic rib vaulting

Gothic rib vaulting

Detail of previous photo

Detail of previous photo

Gothic compound arch

Note linen fold in door panels

Linen fold detail

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Altar railing separating the sanctuary from the nave


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