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Grand Théâtre
La Place Neuve, Geneva, Switzerland

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It was Voltaire's own theatrical productions in the Château de Ferney, in 1759, that initiated the theatrical tradition in Geneva.

In 1783, the Théâtre de Neuve was built and this was replaced in 1874 by the present Grand Théâtre de Genève, designed in the style of the Second Empire and directly inspired by the Paris Opera House.

Today, the 1500-seat theatre is extremely active, with strong opera, ballet and choral seasons.

Place Neuve: Built outside the former ramparts, the Place Neuve has become the focal point of Genevan culture. It comprises the Grand-Théâtre (opera), the reputed Conservatory of Music and the Rath Museum, internationally renowned for its temporary exhibitions. In the center of the square, a statue depicts the Genevan general Henri Dufour, national hero and first to establish a map of Switzerland.

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Modillions support round pediment

Paired, fluted Corinthian columns

Paired, fluted Corinthian columns

Swan's neck pediment

Festoon crowns a roundel / niche

Paired, fluted Corinthian columns

Rusticated masonry

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