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Interior - Linwood Gardens
Pavilion, NY
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W. H. Gratwick III found this stained glass window somewhere and used it in his reconstruction of the house after the 1973 fire.
Oak Room

The oak room was purchased as a complete package from Louis Comfort Tiffany's studio sometime in the early 1900s after construction on the main house had been completed. Tiffany had salvaged the room from an old English manor that was being demolished. According to family lore WHG, Jr bought the room for about $13,000 after seeing the mantle in Tiffany's showroom; then had it added on to the Linwood house.


Wainscoting ..... Mission style furniture ..... Oak floor

Mission style  armchair

Mission style  table and chairs

Rush seats

Mission style  furniture

Candlestick (pewter?)

Andirons  and  fender
Dining Room

The dining room furniture was built specifically for the summer house. The big square Mission style    table, the side and arm chairs, the sideboards are about the only things that are original to the house.

Research by Richard Heye

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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