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Buffalo's Waterfront: A Guidebook
Edited by Timothy Tielman
Partners' Press Inc.
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Sample Entry: The Americana

This ship is located on the Buffalo River at the foot of Main Street. Built in 1926 by Bethlehem Steel, this 150-foot-long vessel was originally christened Fishers Island. The 863 ton ex-steamer initially was used as a ferry on the Block Island and Long Island sounds. It was later renamed Block Island.

In 1959, the ship was converted from steam to diesel power. It provided regular ferry service until 1986.

A Buffalo businessman bought the vessel in 1987 and refurbished it. In 1988, the newly re-christened Americana began her second life as a nostalgic excursion boat.

On board the 550-passenger ship is a 60-year-old band organ, much like the melodic devices found on merry-go-rounds. Much of the original operating equipment is still intact. The vessel cruises at 11 miles per hour, although it can move at 13 miles per hour. Scheduled trips are made into Lake Erie and the harbor. Admission charge.

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