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Buffalo's Waterfront: A Guidebook
Edited by Timothy Tielman
Partners' Press Inc.
Table of Contents

Sample Entry: Skyway Marina and South Michigan Access Point

Stood on end, the Merle M. McCurdy would easily top Buffalo's tallest building, the Marine Midland Center (now the HSBC Center)

Unknown to all but a handful of boaters and the stray fisherman is one of the most compelling panoramas in Buffalo. From the old jumping off point of the South Michigan Ave. lift bridge, the adventurous tourist can see, during sailing season. a long stretch of water bordered on one side by the lined up masts of a multitude of sailboats and on the other by the heroic bulk of the Great Northern and general Mills elevators

With luck, a huge lake freighter will belong to the Kinsman Lines of Cleveland. The ships of the Kinsman fleet are all nearly 100 feet long and sport a large S on their green field on their smokestacks. (The S is for Henry Steinbrenner, father of George of New York Yankee infamy, and a long-time principal of Kinsman.)

The west bank of the City Ship Canal is also the only place, besides the water itself, where the earthly remains of the great Dakota elevator can be seen.

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