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Industrial Heritage Trail
Fuhrmann Blvd., Outer Harbor, Buffalo, NY

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"The Industrial Heritage Trail, a long-term project of the Industrial Heritage Committee, an area historical preservation group with special interest in the panoply of industrial activities and enterprises that made Buffalo what it was in its economic heyday, is just now coming to fruition." -  Jack Foran, On two wheels or on foot, the Industrial Heritage Trail Offers a Fine Vantage of the City’s Waterfront History, Artvoice, June 7, 2012 (online July 2014)

Inner Harbor: along the Buffalo River   ..........   Outer Harbor: along Lake Erie

Buffalo Lighthouse

Times Beach Nature Preserve

Wilkeson Pointe

Connecting Terminal Elevator


25 Historic Photos 1894-1941

Twelve Extant Elevators (as of 2005)


Development of the Inner Harbor

Early Grain Tra
de/Influence of the Erie Canal

The Engineers of the Grain Elevators

Fireproof Grain Elevators/Concrete Grain Elevators

The First Grain Elevator / Early Grain Elevators

The  Grain Elevators

The  Grain Industry Decline/Buffalo's Grain Legacy

Photos and their arrangement 2014 Chuck LaChiusa
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