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Federal Style Card Table
On display in 2005 in the Fairmount Park Woodford House, Philadelphia

Card table with semicircular top that flips open to complete circle.

Plain edge with inlaid borders.

Curved skirt has 3 sections, with inlaid border along lower edge. Skirt has 2 inlaid pateras.

Skirt panels mortised into legs.

Single rear leg swings out to support top.

Square legs tapered.

Plain feet.

Round card tables inspired by Hepplewhite designs are rare because Americans favored more complex shapes during the Federal era. Nonetheless, some circular card tables were made in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Rhode Island. Rhode Island examples are most elegant because of their fine inlay, often more elaborate than that on the table shown here.

Round Hepplewhite card tables from America may be easily confused with those from England. Secondary woods: pine was most commonly used in this country, while oak and ashwere more prevalent in England. American inlay is usually crisper in outline than English inlay.

Photos and their arrangement 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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