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2006 photos - Furniture in Production, 2495 Main Street, Buffalo
Kittinger Furniture Company, Inc.

Kittinger Furniture Company - Official Website   (online Sept. 2020)

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Honduran mahogany 1/32" thick veneer sheets

Cutting machine for veneer

Wood strips for string inlays

Boxwood strips for string inlays

Ebony strips for string inlays

Boxwood/ebony/boxwood strips for string inlays

Tulipwood inlays

Tulipwood inlays

Bookcase with tulipwood inlays

Bookcase - detail showing tulipwood inlays

Bookcase -detail showing tulipwood inlays

Gooseneck arm supports

Chair leg with carved shield and acanthus leaves on the knee and lion's paw feet for Georgian styles of furniture

Two scrolled bracket feet

Conference table to with holes for electrical wiring

Birdcage and splayed legs. Center post has a hollow center for electronic wiring. A touch latch allows access to the wiring

Detail - Center post at right has a hollow center for electronic wiring

Fine leathers inventory

Fine leathers inventor

Origianl White House leather Cabinet Room table, 1970-1997
Used by six U.S. Presidents: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton
In 1997, Kittinger replaced the leather

Special thanks to Kittinger Furniture Co. owners Ray and Karen Bialkowski for their cooperation

Photos and their arrangement 2006 Chuck LaChiusa
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