Buffalo, NY, and the Civil War

Each listing includes history and at least one photo

Additions are welcome.

Ely Parker

Tom Ernst, 155th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment Essay

Benjamin Maryniak. The Soldiers & Sailors Monument in Lafayette Square Essay, illustrations

Benjamin Maryniak. First at Vicksburg, Buried in Buffalo Essay, illustrations

Benjamin Maryniak,
Soldiers Circle, Bidwell Parkway and Chapin Parkway Essay, illustrations

Benjamin Maryniak. One Funeral Makes Another Essay, illustrations on Lincoln

Gen. Daniel Bidwell Illustrations, history

Col. John B. Weber Memorial Illustrations, history

Buxton House Illustrations, history

E. G. Spaulding - Links

The Irish and the Civil War Essay

The Buffalo Guard Excerpted from: Wilner, Merton M. Niagara Frontier, A Narrative and Documentary History

49th New York Volunteers - Regimental History

Richard C. Brown, Adventures in American History Series: Erie County and the Civil War

Photo 2004 Chuck LaChiusa
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