Eagle Tavern

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The Eagle Tavern and adjoining buildings, 1825.

Rathbun's Eagle Tavern as it was in 1825.

An early print of the First American Hotel and Eagle Tavern.

Benjamin Rathbun




Eagle Tavern, 1825


In the same year the courthouse went up, 1816, Gaius Kibbe built a spacious three-story Georgian-style tavern and adorned it with his own name.

He sold it three years later to entrepreneur Benjamin Rathbun who renamed it the Eagle tavern and made it the finest stagecoach stop and public gathering place west of New York City.

The Eagle was on the west side of Main below Court Street [Liberty Building in 2016]. Across Main from the Eagle there blossomed Buffalo's first theater. It was called simply The Theatre, and if nothing else, it was an amenity serving notice that a more refined urban life was in the making.

Notable events that took place in the Eagle Tavern:

Destroyed by fire in 1865.

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