Electricity and Western New York
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Niagara Falls:

Jacob F. Schoellkopf History, illustrations 

Nikola Tesla

Mary Bellis, George Westinghouse and Niagara Falls  (online April 2018)


General Electric Tower

Buffalo General Electric Company History Written for the Pan-American Exposition

100 Miles an Hour ... Buffalo's Electric Cars Reprint: August 3, 1889 in The Buffalo News

Jennifer Walkowski, Streetcar Suburbs in the United States

Buffalo Electric Carriage Co. 1902 Stanhope

Automatic Transportation Co. Electric Car

Early Electrification of Buffalo (online April 2018)

Electric chair:

Patrick Kavanaugh, Alfred P Southwich

By 1895 the Niagara Falls Power Company began generating alternating current (AC) from three 5000-horsepower generators. The next year electricity was successfully transmitted to Buffalo. The Niagara Falls project ushered in the second phase of the Industrial Revolution and shaped and determined the way power would be produced and delivered from then on.
- Jack Foran, The Day They Turned The Falls On: The Invention Of The Universal Electrical Power System  (online April 2018)

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