Millard Fillmore



Biographical facts

Millard Fillmore Illustrations

Photo - Larkin Company US Presidents trade card of Millard Fillmore

Buffalo Presidential Center

William Richard Cutter, Millard Fillmore 1912 essay

John Fagant, Millard Fillmore Biography

John Fagant, Fillmore and the Compromise of 1850

Joseph A. Grande, Millard Fillmore, the Buffalo Benefactor 1976 Essay

Patrick Kavanaugh, Abigail Powers Fillmore Millard's first wife

Patrick Kavanaugh, Caroline Carmichael McIntosh Fillmore Millard's second wife

Thomas C. Rosenthal MD, “Three Fall Victim to Smallpox in East Aurora”  Account of the death of Fillmores's daughter, Mary Abigail Powers

Jeff Schober, When it comes to presidential history, Buffalo trails only the nation’s capital


The Millard and Abigail Fillmore House Museum, East Aurora

Jeff Schober, How to spend a summer day in Western New York: tour Millard Fillmore’s house

Niagara Square: Millard Fillmore House / Castle Inn

City Hall Millard Fillmore Monument

See also:
John T. Horton, Adventures in American History Series: Millard Fillmore  (online Jan. 2015)

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