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Robert "Frankie" Franklin

Franklin plaque in front of the Connecticut Steet Armory

Historic signage in front of 1270 Niagara Street

Porter fled his home when the British entered in July 1813 and fled to Franklin for help:

"The British landed near Squaw Island and invaded the military outpost located along the Scajaquada Creek. They continued to march south towards Buffalo. The British entered Porter’s house from the back, but Porter was able to escape through the Niagara Street side, wearing only his linen nightshirt. Porter, who was 40 years old at the time, ran down Niagara Street to the home of Robert Franklin near Connecticut Street. Franklin, an African American, loaned his horse to Porter, who then rode to Buffalo and assembled a militia of Buffalo citizens and Seneca Native Americans who fought along with army regulars. It was the first time that the Senecas fought alongside the Americans." - Chris Brown, Buffalo History: An Urban Battlefield?

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