Obituary: William A Gardner Dies at Age of 73 on Bahamas Island
Buffalo Evening News March 25, 1942, Page 25

Former president of the Buffalo Stock Exchange and Buffalo City,  amateur gold champion in 1909,  William Allan Gardner, 73, of 4430 Main St., Snyder, died of a heart attack Monday in his Winter residence on Harbour Island of the Bahamas.
Word was awaited in Buffalo, from his wife, Mrs. Edith Sidway Gardner, and their daughter, Mrs. John L. Carson Jr., who were with him in the Bahamas, on whether the body will be brought here for burial.
Born in Buffalo, his boyhood was spent in St. Louis where his father, William H. Gardner, established a freight-car manufacturing company.  Obtaining his degree in mechanical engineering from Washington University of St. Louis, he became associated with his father first in Missouri and later in Buffalo.        

Enters Investment Business

In 1890 he entered the investment business in which he continued for more than 40 years.  He retired in 1935.
First associated with Barlett, Frazier & Carrington, Ellicott Square, Mr. Gardner became a partner two years later in the firm of Danna & Robinson.  In 1916 he bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and became president  of W. A. Gardner & Co., brokerage and investment securities.  He married Miss Edith Sidway of Buffalo in 1892.
A staunch advocate of sports, Mr. Gardner was for several years a member of the Saturn Club bowling team and each season for many years he hunted big game in Northern Quebec.  In 1909, he defeated his son, W. Hamilton Gardner, now at Floyed Bennett Field, New York City, as a naval lieutenant commander, in the finals of the city amateur gold championship.\

Son Wins in Later Years

The younger Mr. Gardner also became city champion in later years.
Together the father and son formed a golfing combination that won the County Club' four-ball invitation championship in 1921, and the father and son city amateur links championship in 1925.
Mr. Gardner traveled in Europe, North and South America.  He spent each of the last 13 Winters at Harbour Island.
Formerly a director of the Bank of Snyder, his affiliations included the Buffalo Club, the Saturn Club, the Country Club of Buffalo, the Trap & Field Club, the Erie Downs County Club, the Rockets Club of New York City and the Pytonga Fish & Game Club of Quebec, of which he was president in 1931.
Besides his wife, son and daughter, he is survived by a brother, Laurence H Gardner, and sister Mrs. William Averill Stowell of Vero Beach, Fla.

John Lind Carson Jr. married Nancy Strong Gardner d/o William Allan Gardner & Edith Sidway

William Hamilton Gardner is s/o William Allan Gardner & Edith Sidway

Gibson Gardner is the s/o Laurence Hamilton Gardner & Isabella Anne Gibson

Laurence Hamilton Gardner is the brother of William Allan Gardner

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