David A. Gerber - Table of Contents

American Immigration: A Very Short Introduction
By David A. Gerber
Oxford Press

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Excerpted on this Website with permission.
2011 David A. Gerber

Pledge of allegiance; the myth of free choice immigration:

Ben Franklin Anti-German:

Asians barred from immigrating:

Anti-Southern, Central & Eastern European Immigration:

1920s KKK:

Anti-Mexican Immigration; US Border Patrol:

Dual citizenship:


Affluence and immigration:

Importance of land for Europeans:

Importance of skills:

Irish men and women:

"Birds of passage" on steamships:

Temporary American employment:


World record immigration numbers:

Henry Ford:

Apology to Japanese:

Immigrants benefit from politics:


Conservative Huntington sees downfall of American culture: 

Mexican immigrants  find work:

Mexicans progress slowly:

Affirmative action and immigrants:

America as a global society:

America's need for  immigrants:

America's greatest achievement:

Text 2011 David A. Gerber
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