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Grosvenor Library
SE Franklin and Edward Streets, Buffalo, NY

Richard A. Waite
Became part of the
Buffalo and Erie County
Public Library (B&ECPL):

Building status:
Demolished 1974
See also:
1974 demolition photo

Richard A. Waite's Grosvenor Library at Edward and Franklin, clearly showing its attachment to the Cyclorama.

Photo source and text below:  A History of the City of Buffalo: Its Men and Institutions, 1908. Published by the Buffalo Evening News.
(page 145)
Grosvenor Library. This occupies a home of its own at the corner of  Edward and Franklin streets, and is another of the city's free public libraries. It contains a class of books principally standard historical and scientific works which the public may freely use for reference but are not permitted to take out of the building.

Mr. Seth Grosvenor, a man of wealth, who had formerly lived in Buffalo, bequeathed the sum of $4o,ooo for a library; three-fourths of which fund has been invested and the interest theron devoted to the purchase of new books.

The library was opened in 1870 in rooms just over the Buffalo Savings Bank, but soon became overcrowded. Since then funds have accumulated, and with assistance from the city, in 1891 the trustees undertook the erection of a building suited to the needs of the increasing patrons.

The building is fire proof of stone, brick, and iron, and has a basement, and one high story with a large tower. (See illustration.) The interior architectural design is pure Italian renaissance. From the tower-room is a winding stairway, which leads to the observatory above. The reading-room is tastefully designed, and with the subdued lights obtained by a judicious arrangement of tinted cathedral glass, a very harmonious effect is produced.

The library contains about 50,000 volumes, with capacity for as many more.

Its rooms are open to the public from 9. a. m. , to 6. p. m,

Photo and text courtesy of William Coleman.

"A second library, the Grosvenor Library, had been operating in Buffalo as a non-circulating public reference library since 1871. During its proud history, the Grosvenor established a host of noteworthy collections, including patent information and military and legal documents.  It also became a depository of the U.S. Circuit Court and Department of Interior publications." - B&ECPL HISTORY

"The Grosvenor Library took the building [Cyclorama]  from the government and on February 15, 1942 they opened their circular reading room and lecture halls. It was used for twenty one years after by scholars, students and other library patrons." - Meg Healy

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