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History of the Whiskey Business in Buffalo, New York

Touring Edifices of Buffalo Breweries

Unearthing the Privy at the Stock Exchange Hotel

Greater Buffalo Bottle Collectors Association

Privies, wells are archaeological time capsule

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Time Capsule in Your Backyard
A most intriguing presentation on treasures of the past excavated from privies or outhouse pits in the WNY area. Lecture will cover how to locate a privy, why garbage was thrown in them, history of local glasshouses and how to date bottles. Includes large display of artifacts such as bottles, chamber pots, clay smoking pipes, marbles, doll heads, coins, stoneware, china, etc... Video footage from digs will be shown.
East Buffalo Meatpacking & NY Central Stockyards
A lecture based on the book Dynamics of East Buffalo Ethnic Neighborhood by the late Fred Jablonski. Besides meatpacking, covers history of Polonia or little Poland, NY Central Terminal, Schreiber Brewery, Larkin Soap, Crocker Fertilizer. Includes overhead pictures and a large display of advertising products and tins.
Buffalo's Brewing Industry
A powerpoint presentation featuring history of Buffalo breweries . Pictures of breweries long gone as well as those still standing. Pictures of some of the rarest Buffalo Breweriana Memorabilia that exists. Includes large display of beer trays, signs and memorabilia. 
Antiques 101
Presentation on different categories of  antiques : pottery, toys, glassware, breweriana, bottles, books, post cards, collectibles. Lecture will cover what to look for when buying, where to buy, where to sell, whats hot and whats not. Includes large display of antiques.  Audience is encouraged to bring items in for appraisals and play Antique Roadshow.

Contact Peter Jablonski at 440-7985 or 852-6628

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