Jones Iron Works

George Jones began the George Jones Iron Rail Factory in Buffalo in 1844. Since about 1815, Joneses had been smiths and metalworkers in the town. The company grew as industry developed rapidly after the discovery of large deposits of iron ore in the upper Great Lakes.

In the 1800's it was known variously as the Buffalo Iron Railing Works, and George Jones & Sons. A. C. Wolfe bought the firm in 1913, and the Wolfe family ran it until it closed in 1941.

In addition to a full line of channels, angles and other structural shapes, the Jones Iron Works was famous for decorative wrought iron for interiors and exteriors of commercial buildings, churches and residences.

Stair Rail, ca. 1929

Wall sconce

Illustrations source: On display at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society Museum in January 2005

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