1896 handbill for Edison movies, slides and phonographs.
This handbill would not be used by the Mark Brothers because they had dedicated movie theaters.

Upper right illustration: Vitascope movie projector ("The Edison Moving Picture Machine")
There were a total of about seventy Vitascopes that were made and sold by Edison thruout the country. This flyer was created, probably by Edison, for these owners to advertise when they traveled to different towns. Note the bottom line of the flyer for dates, times and costs.

Center illustration: Stereopticon double slide projector ("Panoramic Exhibition of high-grade Magic lantern Views thrown upon a screen in largely magnified form by means of a Stereopticon")

Lower right illustration: Phonograph ("Grand Talking Machine")

The theaters portrayed in the handbill are clearly a European style "opera house" type theater with circular balconies, the design which changed as theaters began to specialize in movies

Image source: Buffalo International Film Festival website