Third home of the medical school: 24 High Street, 1893-1953

George Cary
Italian Renaissance

George Cary was the brother of Dr. Charles Cary, Professor of Clinical Medicine at UB

The building at 24 High Street was praised at its dedication on March 7, 1893 for being the perfect balance between "utility and convenience" and "architectural symmetry." Dr. Charles Cary stated in his dedication speech:

It was partly for the sake of this educating influence, as well as for economy, strength, safety, and cleanliness, that the open system of internal construction was adopted, which avoids all concealed spaces, and exposes every plank and timber and every pipe to view -- so that a walk through the building may be said to be a lesson in anatomy.

The building contains three lecture rooms, with a seating capacity varying from 100 to 350 chairs; several private offices; a dispensary large enough to care for 250 patients daily; chemical-anatomical, physiological, pathological, and bacteriological laboratories, and excellent accommodations for the medical and scientific library, as well as rooms devoted to the use of the various branches of the medical department... The library rooms are fire-proof, and contain our present library of about 4,000 volumes and 5,000 unbound pamphlets. They are capable of holding about 40,000 volumes.

Text source: Medical Foundation of Buffalo, Inc. Newsletter, Vol 8, No. 4 December 1979

Illustration source: Views of Buffalo, Pub. Exclusively for S. H. Knox. Portland, Maine: L. H. Nelson Co., 1907